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Colorful landscapes of local area in oils on boards. Also large geometric abstracts highly coloured and patterned in oils on boards.

Contact:  lynne.dowe@bigpond.com

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My artwork constantly evolves as I do a lot of commission work. Creating impressionist & expressionistic abstract pieces on large canvas, with vibrant colour, texture & movement is my pleasure. Also painting my more realistic underwater series has been a joy as I combine different techniques to produce a sense of peace & tranquility that I feel when under the water & hope the viewer is drawn into my world & can feel the freedom & peace of my paintings.

My work has been exhibited & sold in New York, Milan, Paris, Naples & Isle of Capri, also I have done articles on my work in the Australian Artist Magazine.

Contact: trisha@trishafitzpatrick.com.au

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Art/Painting, Mixed Media

Cathie is an artist and teacher living locally on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She enjoys painting a variety of subjects in her preferred mediums of cold wax, acrylics, oils and encaustic.

Living in an area of stunning natural beauty, she values and is inspired by it's unique environment.

Cathie hopes that her artwork reflects this experience and appreciation.

Her mission is to awaken your senses, triggering memories often buried deep within.

Contact: catherine.garrod88@gmail.com



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Textile Artist, Stitcher, Fabric Fanatic.

The interplay of natural and worked landscapes, and the resultant patterns, textures, forms, and moods are the subject of Paula's textile and mixed media works. Paula's background combines extensive fashion studies in Europe, Textile, Graphic Design and Weaving, combined with a long history with fabric as tailor, seamstress, designer, and an early exposure to perspective, drafting and technical drawing by her father. Her current collection of textile mixed media works is a unique fusion of her experience and travels.




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Art/Painting - Sculpture - Silversmithing - Mixed Medium

Trypheyna Loves - Nature, Family, Legacy & Creative Expression - Passionate about using Art, both her own and encouraging others to use their creativity for healing all Creatures and the Earth.

Trypheyna is currently supporting land and wildlife, severely burnt in the late 2019 Mid North Coast bushfires, that they live on.

Contact: trypheyna@thememorysmith.com.au

Trypheyna's Orang-utans (2) 6X10 EDITED.


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Fibre Arts

Jen is a fibre artist from Coomba Park on the mid coast of NSW. She specialises in artisanal handicrafts, with an emphasis on natural fibres that she dyes herself using organic matter such as leaves, flowers and bugs. Her creations include hand coiled and twined basketry using raffia and locally foraged fibres, needle-felting using protein and cellulose fibres, and eco printing using natural dye materials on fibre, fabric and paper.

Contact: www.pearlandstonebyjen.com



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Charcoal on Timber

Having spent most of my life in the coastal area of Pacific Palms, NSW, my art works are influenced and inspired  by the natural beauty of the Australian coastline.

I love to work with a range of mediums, however, I prefer charcoal as it's bold, rich texture is visually striking yet it is the perfect medium for complex and more detailed work.

I enjoy creating original art and choose to sell only original artworks.

Contact: Rachel.reading.gallery@hotmail.com

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